Project Description

After an amazing journey with the Carretta Carretta Project last year, We decided to have our students vote on the next project we would launch with our new class starting in November, 2016. The students voted on Sea Lions. Sea lions are found in all parts of the world. Some well known areas include the Pacific coast of the United States, Galapagos islands, New Zealand, Australia, South America, Arctic regions, as well as many other locations. We have decided to name our project the Save the Sea Lions

Our Goal:
To communicate and collaborate with classrooms all around the globe to raise awareness of the problems Sea Lions face as well as learn the importance of writing to an audience (our felllow classrooms around the globe.) Our little sea lion, Sammi, will travel around the world along with its diary to inform everyone of its plight. Each class will learn about sea lions, why they are endangered and what we can do to help them. __Share your contact information here.__The following link is a list of digital resources to start your study. __Sea Lions Resources__.


Project Outline:
~ Discuss the impact of human activity on the environment, especially plastic in the sea
~ Host Sammi in your school, take pictures and organize activities to inform the local community of its plight
~ Share photos and comments in the project diary.
~ Document your activities in wiki.
~ Email Mrs. Devine, __devinej@garnetvalley.org__, for more information or create a page
for your class. (You need a Wikispaces account to do this __Create a wiki account here__
~ The Wiki for the Project:__

Ideas for Activities:
~ Create a video raising awareness of the endangered Sea Lions
~ Create a Thinglink
~ Use Padlet
~ Create a Collage using Pic Collage to show in photos what you have learned
~ Write a persuasive paragraph to the community warning them about the endangerment of sea lions
~ Find a virtual field trip on sea lions
~ Skype with other classes in the project
~ Adopt a Sea Lion
~ Write a story
~ Write Poems
~ Create T-shirts
~ Create Posters
~ Create a Chatterpix
~ Use Book Creator the app to document your new vocabulary