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My Moon
Does the moon look the same in all parts of the world?

Project Goals:
Students will answer, "Does the moon look the same in all parts of the world?"
Students will learn about what different phases of the moon look like.
Students will see what the moon looks like in different parts of the world.
Students will be able to connect and share with students in other classrooms.

September 12th, 2016 - June 1st, 2017

Targeted Level Age Groups:
5 to 11 years of age

How this project works:

My kindergarten class would like to connect with other students, who want to learn about the moon. We would love to have participants from all over the globe, but would specifically also like to collaborate with classes from the Southern Hemisphere, given we are from the Northern Hemisphere.

Although we are open to Skyping, Tweeting, or emailing eachother, we thought we could share our pictures of the moon and comments on this Padlet Page.


Miriam Fleury: