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We are dedicated to supporting teachers’ as they explore new ways to flatten their classroom walls. Whether you need help starting out, or are an experienced global collaborator keen to build your own project, we are here to help. You can explore our current projects on this wiki, and contact the organisers of projects you would like to participate in.

Please tweet us @gcporganisers, or send us an email at if you have questions. Our project Twitter hashtag is #globalclassroom. Don't forget to download and display your project participant badge!


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We warmly welcome new members into the #globalclassroom community, and are happy to provide any support and guidance you need to get started on your global collaboration journey.To join our community, please join this wiki and join our email list. We would also highly recommend joining our online spaces on Google Plus and Facebook. You can follow us on Twitter at @gcporganisers.

Please note: As of 2014-15, we are no longer maintaining and sharing contact spreadsheets. If you'd like to be subscribed to our email list and Google Group, please fill out this form.

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If you have a story or project to share, you are welcome to guest post on our blog, and/or add a project description to our project wiki. We will help publicize your work through our extensive social networks, introduce you to people working on similar ideas / subject areas, and provide assistance if you need it.

We are interested in showcasing your classroom stories, students’ learning, local communities, and cultures with authentic global audiences. We are happy to guest-post articles from teachers’ and class blogs; and are particularly keen to feature stories from your students – helping to make their voices heard on the world stage.

Working together, we can flatten our classroom walls, and enable our students’ to become active, informed, collaborative global citizens.