Welcome to Global Classroom 2016-17
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The Global Classroom Project is committed to helping teachers and schools connect to create dynamic educational experiences. We help teachers build and promote their global collaboration project ideas, and assist them in finding collaboration partners and facilitating enriching international exchanges. Since 2011, we have hosted 64 K-12 global projects, and worked with hundreds of teachers, and thousands of students, from 42 countries. In 2014, one of our longest running projects, The Travelling Rhino Project, won the ISTE Online Learning Award.

In order for us to continue facilitating these enriching international exchanges, and build our #globalclassroom community, we ask participating project leaders to agree to the following:

1) Fill out the Project Framework form. This helps ensure the projects are well-planned and thought-out, and also allows us to get a good understanding about the purpose and design of your project.

2) Submit at least one blog post to our community blog, and a slide to our annual project webinars - sharing your experiences and learning outcomes as a result of your project.

We will help promote your project, and find collaboration partners, in exchange for your sharing of your experiences and practice with our community. This enables us to learn from each other, and improve our professional practice.